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Heat-Timer is one of the leading manufacturers of automated heating controls for the HVAC/R and Plumbing Industry.

Heat-Timer’s corporate office and manufacturing facility is conveniently located in Fairfield, NJ. Here, Heat-Timer manufactures its

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  • “ICMS technology literally puts me right at the boiler control panel”

  • “I’ve never seen a manufacturer respond so quickly to a customer’s specific needs”…

  • “We noticed a fuel savings of 10 to 12% just by installing H-T Platinum controls”…

  • “It just doesn’t get any better than this. Thanks Heat-Timer.”

  • “Heat-Timer products deliver…time and time again.” – Tom, NC

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Building Efficiency

Buildings Start with Heat-Timer Comfort and efficiency are bi-products of a finely tuned control system. Precision control decreases fuel consumption by eliminating problems such as short cycling, overheating, undetected system leaks, etc. When buildings are expertly controlled, temperatures are consistent and people are more comfortable.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

At Heat-Timer, our goal is to provide innovative, cost effective control solutions that enhance the comfort and efficiency of new and existing buildings. In doing so, we reduce the environmental impact of building heating systems worldwide — often within the imperfect framework of existing mechanical systems.


That’s encouraging news for owners who want to make their existing buildings greener. Heat-Timer controls help these owners achieve their goals for improved environmental stewardship while reducing fuel consumption and enhancing comfort.

Made in America for Over 75 Years

For over 75 years, Heat-Timer products have been manufactured in the United States. It’s never been more important. American-made products provide jobs and help the economy. Buying American also ensures that the product was built in an ethical environment and that the goods manufactured are safe. Since 1937, Heat-Timer Corporation has set the standard for heating control systems.